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Blister vs Blaze vs Burn (CONTEST!)
NOTE: this is long, and you must read the entire thing if you want to join.
So you know how Sahel-SandWing  made rap battles of wings of fire, right? Well, I'm making one of my own. I have the lyrics down already and a little of the background music. I got a new editing program so I can do the same glowing thing that Sahel and Blixemi did. But I need voice actors and drawings. 
Now, I'm not done with the music, nor have I done the cover (so you know how it's supposed to sound) so no voice actors are needed right now. (And my irl friends have me, and I have a high quality microphone, so I might get someone to to it.....) 
But it I do need artists. This is my contest. You have four options! 
Option one: Draw blaze 
option two: draw blister
option three: draw burn 
option four: draw the background
MAKE A JOURNAL WITH A LINK TO THIS TO SPREAD THE WORD! no link to your journal in the comments, and you will be disqualified. 
:iconicearctix:IceArctix 17 97
Design me 205 Watcher Contest!
Okay seriously, 205 watchers, gosh can i just say how I've never expected to reach this point. Like, ever. 
I found out when someone from the Reefwing chat pointed it out to me that they'd be my 203rd watcher, and since then I've gained two watchers. This is something new to me as i haven't done a contest before so please bear with me on this.
First i'll star off with the rules, give you the guide lines and then show prizes you can get! 
When drawing make sure its SFW (Safe For Work) I will not accept anything sexual.Do not fight with anyone in the comments.Do not whine if you don't win, be a good sport.If you wish to add gore/dark themes/images you may so long as you keep the gore/imagery to a minimum.New watchers are welcome! Just please don't join just for the contest. Watch me if you like my art!You can only make an entry for ONE (1) Primordial. Please try and make logical colors for the characters. (ie. Nerroth b
:iconumbreanimatronic:UmbreAnimatronic 1 13
Draw an Alternative/Your Vision of my Ocs Contest
Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen~!
I hope that everyone is having a wonderful time out there and continues in doing so. As the title said, I decided to host a contest, very first one too. So lets get straight to it shall we?
~Baselines to the Contest~
So the baselines of this contest is not just drawing my ocs, but rather draw them in either your own vision of them or an alternative version. What I mean by an alternative version is to create them in like a different timeline, Modern, Future, Steampunk, Gothic, etc, or change them by changing their personalities. You could even change my ocs's race to fit your vision or even change the character status. For example of character status change, Perri is Queen of the Moon Elves, you can change her so maybe she's actually a rouge or an outlaw instead.
Airiean:(Please note she is the left one.) Death God Form:
:iconmagiccrazymagician:MagicCrazyMagician 46 44
Sniumara: Reference by MagicCrazyMagician Sniumara: Reference :iconmagiccrazymagician:MagicCrazyMagician 9 0
Sona re-design contest?
Edit: Due by May 1st, extensions available until 15th at the latest
I'm sure you all know Tempo, my main sona-boi.
Well, it's come to me that it's time to change up his design!
Not only will I most likely sell the old design, but I'll be holding a contest for a new one!

Here are the rules:
Please, only one design per person!
Only comment if you're actually serious.
Please use pastel/monochromatic colors.
Have fun!
⚫ Fluffy!
⚫ Either really long or really smol tail!
⚫ A scottish fold! (Or just floppy ears!)
⚫ Happy Boi!
Can do:
✔️ Use Bases
✔️ Add accessories 
✔️ Add other body adaptations 
✔️ Make him a different species 
❌ use other designs from adopts
❌ claim other people's entries as a character without asking.
❌ claim linearts as yours (if they aren't)
Please do not:
Use dark colors
:icontempos-doodles:Tempos-Doodles 3 13


-almost any creature
-extra 30 if any accessories or background
-extra 20 per character
- Digital
- Cats, foxes, or wolves.
- Extra 50 if character count exceeds 2 characters.
- You can cut the price by 50 points if you don't use a background.
- Digital
- Cats, foxes, or wolves.
- Background is an extra 50 points.
- Digital
- Cats, foxes, or wolves.
- Unrealistic background and simple shading included.
- Extra 50 points if complicated design.
- Digitally done
- Shading and unrealistic background included, normally.
- Cats, foxes, wolves, or dragons
- I can do humans, but I am bad at it.
- Extra 50 points if realistic background.
- Extra 30 points if character has a very complicated design.

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Havenspirit-LeafClan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Haven. I'm about 15 years old. I really like Warrior Cats, Harry Potter, Divergent, etc. So, my art may vary.

I am mostly a traditional artist using just paper, eraser, pen, and colored pencils. Lately, though, I've been taking a more digital approach to art. So far, I like it, but I may do traditional art as well.

Requests - Closed by SweetDuke

Requests are closed while I'm in school.

Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke

You may order a commission, but expect a wait for the product.

Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke

I am open for art trades, but only for friends. These will open for all people during summer break.

No Collaborations by SweetDuke

Closed for school.

Kawaii Button: Contest Open by miemie-chan3

Finally, I am open to join contest. Just, expect a long wait.
Go watch--I mean punish--:iconYari-Ashigaru for tagging me.

1. Who is your favorite oc?

Redsplash. He's so cute.

2. How did you find DeviantArt?

I had heard people talking about DA in a livestream, mostly about well-known Warriors artists. I saw the site, decided art was my new passion, and joined. And, now, I'm a pretty good artist.

3. Say something that will happen in the future with your ocs.

Uh, uh, pie will rain and cover them.

4. What is the theme of your art?


5. Define yourself in one word.


6. The movie that made you cry.

No movie has had that power. Now books are a different story.

7. Your favorite animal.


8. Favorite comic character?

Uh, I don't read comics

9. Something you hate.

I don't hate anything.

10. You are afraid of...

Big changes

11. You like to eat..

Peanut butter

12. Your squad is...

I'm all alone...

13. Do you have any mascots?

Havenspirit, Havenspirit (warriors), Splashwhisker, Spirit-Leaf, Pencil, Leaf.

14. One thing you always wanted to say but never had the opportunity.

I'm the fan that joined the canon.

15. What is your kind of girl/boy?

None of them. *dies alone*

16. An addictive game...


17. If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Be any animal I want

18. Your favorite otp, AKA Couple

 Me and Redsplash 

19. An unnecessary fact

I own over 1,000 original characters and I continue to make more.

20. A lie you tell everyday.

I brushed my teeth.

21. What's your favorite Anime?

I don't watch Amine enough to pick one.


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    Donated Jan 3, 2017, 3:18:40 AM


Could you guys let out a prayer or hope or whatever you do when something bad happens for my family? We just had a family emergency with my dad.
Just to let you guys know. I'm not dead.

Should I do the pear thing? Is traditional art accepted in it?
Apparently when you reach 100 watchers people will watch you for whatever. With barely posting, I've gotten 6 new watchers.
99 watchers. Wow... I just need 1 more and I'll do a sketchbook tour... Really ought to re-do more art and stuff.
Three more watchers and I will do a sketchbook tour. I really got to get more art done so I can show re-draws of old art...


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